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Mapping: Users and Submissions.


This map shows (aprx.) where all of the posts are located and the nationalities of the users who submitted the posts.

Nationalities who have submitted: American, Australian, Dutch, Filipino, French, German, Jordanian

States that have been represented in submissions: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Washington.

Countries that have been represented in submissions: Australia, Belize, Brazil, China, Cuba, Estonia, France, Germany, Guatemala, Holland, India, Jordan, Korea, Latvia, Mexico, Philippines, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.


Mapping: First Look.

I have started a mini-project where I will be mapping where users come from and where their submissions are from. (here is the map)

I found this wonderful article by Smashing Magazine writer, Zach Dunn, about Mapping on the Internet. If you are interested in the changing uses of maps as an infographic, directional aid, and interactive platform I strongly encourage that you check it out.

I looked into some online mapping programs, but the programs, aesthetically, didn’t feel right. The project is so diligently asking others to think about the spaces that make them happy and when I found my best option for online mapping (, didn’t feel like a “happy space” to me. The concept and the mapping possibilities were the things I was looking for, and so I may still use it as the practical application of this mini-project, but I figured their had to be a way of displaying the information that made me happy.

I have, as such, decided to work with an image as opposed to a program. The following images are inspiration for this mini mapping project.

This map comes with pins for marking all the places you have been, its hand drawn.

This map, by cartographer Bill Rankin, shows the San Francisco, Bay Area‘s areas of racial integration. Read more about this project on Co.Design’s website.

Visitors at this art show were asked to contribute hand drawn maps to their favorite places in Melbourne, which they pined to the map above.

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