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Caseysimone Cooper,  co-creator of (the) happy spaces project shares with us her ideas and thoughts of how happiness and contentment are projected through the lens of various people around the world. Through her project, she is able to unite people around the globe to share their ideas of happy spaces – and how they look like in their own perception. As one of the creative thinkers of (the) happy spaces project, she sees in the submission of photos and peoples’ ideas of what happy spaces are and how they influence the lives of everybody on earth! In every photograph being submitted and shared on her site, lies an understanding of one’s own space and how it creates a magnitude impact into the lives of many.

This is her story:

AMS:     Tell us about yourself: your education, training and what you are currently involved in.

Caseysimone: I am currently completing my undergraduate studies…

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2 thoughts on “

  1. eof737 says:

    Great concept! Wishing you much success! :-)

  2. AMSDaily says:

    Thanks Caseysimone for granting the interview! Keep me posted with your success!

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