Toolkit: Cards.

“IDEO Method Cards is a collection of 51 cards representing diverse ways that design teams can understand the people they are designing for. ” –

This week I will be developing a set of cards that identify the elements that make up spatial happiness and well-being.  I will take cards (index cards or stock paper) and write one distinct element of spatial happiness on the card, with simple visual illustration of the idea, when appropriate.

These cards may become an element of the toolkit, regardless of whether or not they are, however, they will surely inform the toolkit. The hope is that through noticing the simple elements of spatial happiness will allow one to combine the elements into more complex and complete spatial ideas that foster happiness.

from: Take Care of Yourself by Sophie Calle

Similar to a tarot reading or the periodic table of elements, though one element or card can represent a great deal, it will be how the cards/elements work together that will tell the most dynamic and complete story of how to create a “happy space.”


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